Birthing the culture


I am a WHOLE mood and your birth + postpartum period, should be too. I am on a mission to continue to educate, support and show up for BIPOC birthing folx, every single day. To make safe birthing options accessible to the BIPOC community. Book a consultation today to learn more.

DOULA (doo-lah)

What is a doula?

- A doula is a person hired to provide guidance and support to a birthing person in labor.
A doula is NOT a midwife.
A doula is NOT medical.
A doula is NOT catching your baby. (Your midwife or OB don't have to do that either)




Birth Doula Support Package Includes:

–  Two 1-2 Hour Prenatal Visits

– Help With Writing A Birth Plan

– I Will Be On-Call 24/7 starting at 37 Weeks Until After Your Birth

– In-Person Support During Your Birthing Time

– Option To Share Your Birth + Birth Story On Mamas In Color Platform

– One Postpartum Meeting

–    24/7 Phone & Text Support To Include the 6 Week Postpartum Period

Postpartum Package Includes:

– Breast/Body Feeding + Latch & Positioning Help

– Diapering + Baby & Sibling Care

– Light Housekeeping + Meal Prep

– Resources + Referrals (i.e. massage, support groups, chiropractors, mental health, etc.)

– Judgement Free Support for Family

– Help With Laundry + Quick Errands

– Care for Baby While Parents/Caregivers Shower, Nap or Spend Alone Time w/ One Another or Older Child/ren

– Assist With Babywearing

Virtual Support Services Include:

– Two 1 Hour Prenatal Virtual Appts. 

– One Postpartum Virtual Appt. (W/ Option To Change To In Person As Long As Previously Discussed)

– Phone/Text/Video Chat During Birthing Time Per Birthing Person’s Request And Comfortability 

– Birthing Person + Partner/Family Will Receive Evidence Based Education Surrounding Their Birthing Options And Support. 

– 24/7 Phone/Text Support to Include the 6 Weeks Postpartum Period